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Short Bio

The Pythons are an almost twenty years experienced band. They broke into the scene with their eponymous debut ep (Four Stones, 2003), and began to perform concerts all across the Italy and the Europe. They recorded two studio albums for Valery Records (Never Enough in 2005 and Liar in 2011) and both received positive media reviews all over the world, enthusiastic comments which strongly enhanced the activity of the band. Pythons sing in English and their albums have also been distributed worldwide. The Pythons opened several shows for such famous international acts such as Alice Cooper, Gotthard, Gilby Clark, Faster Pussycat, Marsden&Moody (ex Whitesnake), Gene Hoglan, Jaded Heart.

In 2018, the Pythons recorder their third studio album with a completely new line up, coming out soon. The Pythons are still ready to rock the world!





Frank Law - vocals Mauro - drums Andrew Valenza - bass Zure - guitars



Stage Plan

Mauro (drums)

1 kick ,2 toms, 1 tom floor, 1 snare

Cymbals: 1 charleston,2 crash,1 ride,1 china

ear monitor for the basis , metronome + arch for microphone

Andrew (bass)

Ernie Ball Music Man Bongo 5 H (bass)

TC electronic BH250 4ohm (head)

Crate BT410 4x10 400W 4ohm (cab)

Zure (guitar)

Gibson Les Paul custom (guitar)

Marshall jcm 2000 16 ohm (head)

Marshall 4 x 12 (cab) + guitar fx pedal

Frank (vocals)

Mic. Beta58 – shure wireless

Asta rigida + Cuffie wireless (ear monitor)


Mixer F.o.h: 24 CHANNELS and 6 AUX assignable PRE or POST fader, 6 sub-gropus, talk back

Mixer stage: 8-24 CHANNELS AND 2-6 aux